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Transportforum 2020: Körbarhetsanalys av järnvägsignalsystem

8 januari, 2020 @ 15:30 - 17:00

Driveability Analysis of Railway Signalling Systems – A Systematic Literature Review

Tiago Cavalcanti, who works with the project Körbarhetsanalyser i tågsimulator will present during session 10.2 Railroad and digitalization pt. 2  on January 8, 15.30-17.00.

Abstract to the presentation


There is a requirement from the Swedish Transport Administration that driveability analysis should be carried out during the design of new tracks. There is also an identified need from both design companies and train operators to test driveability before a new line is built or redesign, but a driveability analysis methodology is not defined. The ability to carry out driveability analysis in connection with the new design or remodeling of a railway is very valuable. Been able to find faults before the start of construction, at an early stage and to adjust the project on the drawing board saves both time and money. Also, driveability analysis contributes to building up experience that can be used in future projects. With the introduction of more and more lines equipped with ERTMS, the new European train protection and the signalling system, this experience is even more important due to the lack of real experience and operational data. Well design projects are needed to achieve the goals when it comes to safety, punctuality, capacity and environment.


A systematic literature review (SLR) was conducted to understand what project designers typically focus on when analysing railway driveability as well as how railway driveability is assessed. The long-term goal with this SRL is to serve as the base to the future work of validating a project driveability analysis methodology to ensure that, before project implementation, the future railway infrastructure will fulfil the requirements to be used safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Resultat och slutsats

The main aspect found during the review is related to the speed profile. Number, frequency and position of speed changes were pointed as main factors during driveability evaluations, especially in retrofitted lines. Based on the aspects found during the literature review the work will continue to develop a methodology to dynamically test, in the VTI train simulator, different project alternatives. Based on the simulation reports, the project design team will be able to refine the final solution to improve driveability and meet the operational goals.

Om Transportforum

”VTI anordnar Transportforum varje år sedan 1984. Konferensen, som är störst i sitt slag i Norden, vänder sig till såväl offentliga som privata aktörer inom transport och infrastruktur i Sverige. I centrum för konferensen står ny kunskap och ömsesidigt utbyte. Plats för konferensen är Linköping Konsert & Kongress.


8 januari, 2020
15:30 - 17:00
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Linköping konsert & kongress, rum: Duetten
Konsistoriegatan 7
Linköping, 582 22 Sverige


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